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Car Scrappage Schemes

Enter your vehicle registration to check if a vehicle is eligible for any manufacturer or government scrappage schemes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car scrappage scheme?

Car scrappage schemes encourage vehicle owners to trade in older, more polluting vehicles in for newer lower emission vehicles.

You’ll usually receive a grant or discount when purchasing a new vehicle if you trade in a qualifying vehicle.

Does my car qualify for a scrappage scheme?

Simply enter your vehicle registration to check if your vehicle qualifies for any of the government or manufacturer run scrappage schemes currently on offer.

There may be additional requirements even if your vehicle does qualify, for example you may need to live in a certain area or have owned the car for over 6 months.

How much can I save when I trade in my car using a scrappage scheme?

Car scrappage schemes vary and you could save anywhere from a £250 to £5,000.

The amount you save will depend on the scheme used and the new vehicle you decide to purchase. There are also some incentives which could save you money if you decide to trade in your vehicle and use public transport instead.

Can I trade in any car with a scrappage scheme?

Scrappage schemes usually have specific requirements and usually look for older vehicles with higher emissions.

It’s likely that you will need to trade in a petrol or diesel vehicle over a certain age. It’s usually only beneficial to use a scrappage scheme if you are driving an older, lower value vehicle.

In most cases, you can only trade in a vehicle that you own, however there may be some exceptions. Some manufacturer schemes may allow you to trade in a vehicle that meets the requirements if a family member is purchasing a new vehicle under the scheme.

Can I trade in a van with a scrappage scheme?

Some manufacturer scrappage schemes allow you to trade in vans.

You can enter your vehicle registration to check if a vehicle meets the minimum requirements, but you will usually need to visit the manufacturer website to check the specific terms and conditions of any schemes listed.

Car Scrappage Schemes

Vehicle scrappage schemes could allow you to save money by trading in an older vehicle with higher emissions for a new vehicle.

There are a number of government and manufacturer run scrappage schemes that offer discounts to customers who trade in vehicles that meet the requirements. You could save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds depending on the scheme and deals available.

Our free service allows you to check what scrappage deals are currently available just by entering your vehicle registration. There may be additional requirements which are also displayed under each deal, for example, you may need to have owned the vehicle for more than a specific number of months, or the vehicle may need to be over a certain age.

Find Schemes

Current scrappage schemes

There are a number of scrappage schemes currently available:

  • Birmingham’s vehicle scrappage and travel credit scheme
  • Kia car scrappage scheme
  • Lexus scrappage scheme
  • Renault new for old scheme

Some of these schemes may change from time to time and may not always be available depending on funding.

Qualifying for a scrappage scheme

Eligibility for a scrappage scheme will usually be determined by your vehicles age a euro emissions standard.

The condition of your vehicle is usually not important however some schemes may have specific requirements, for example, the vehicle needs to be in good working order or not be written off.

There may also be some personal requirements that you will also need to meet. You may need to live or work in a certain area or earn less than a certain amount per year.

You’ll need the V5C registration document to prove how long you’ve had the vehicle, but you may also need to provide proof of where you work or your income.

You can check the euro emissions standard of a vehicle by using the free car check service.