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Check Car Insurance

You can check if your own vehicle is insured for free using the ask MID service.

If you wish to check if someone else's vehicle is insured after an accident, you can use the ask MID lookup service instead.

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You can use the askMID service to complete an insurance check of the Motor Insurance Database.

Your Legal Obligations

It's important to know your legal obligations before driving a vehicle on the road.

Before driving, it's important to:

  • Check your vehicle is taxed
  • Check you have a valid MOT
  • Have the correct insurance in place

Additionally, there are other legal obligations for drivers which must be followed at all times.

Is my car insured?

You can use this service to check some of these legal requirements before driving on the road.

Our free service allows you to check your vehicle is taxed and check that you have a valid MOT.

You can also use the ask MID service to check if your car or bike is insured.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to check if a vehicle is insured?

You'll need the following information to complete an insurance check in the Motor Insurance Database:

  • Your vehicle registration
  • Your name*
  • Your email address*
  • The vehicle registration*

*Additional data fields are required when checking someone else's vehicle in the event of an accident.

Do I need to pay to check if a vehicle is insured?

You can check if your own vehicle is insured free of charge. When checking if someone else's vehicle is insured, you will need to pay a fee to askMID.

What should I do if my vehicle details are incorrect?

You should contact your insurer directly to correct any errors. askMID are unable to amend these details.

How can I save money on my Car Insurance?

You can compare quotes from a range of insurers and find out more about how to save money on our car insurance page.