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Written Off Check

Quickly check to see if a vehicle has been written off with our Car History Check.


Use the written off check to find out if a vehicle is recorded in the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR).

25% of vehicles checked this month were written off.
One car is written off every 90 seconds in the UK.
Over 300,000 cars are written off in the UK every year.

What’s Included?

Use this service to check if a car is a write off.

Our reports include key information about vehicles which have been written off:

  • Date of the recorded write off
  • Write off category
  • Cause of the write off, e.g. Accident*
  • Damaged areas, e.g. Front, Rear*

Just enter the registration of a vehicle to check if it is recorded as written off in the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register.

*This information may not be available for all vehicles. Please contact us before purchasing a report if you have any questions.

Written Off Categories Explained

When a vehicle is written off by an insurer, it is placed into a category depending on the level of damage.

Category A

Category A write offs should be scrapped and are not be used on the road or for parts.

If a vehicle shows as a category A write off, you should walk away and not consider purchasing the vehicle.

Category B

Category B write offs should not be used on the road, however it is possible to use them for parts in some circumstances.

No amount of repair will allow this vehicle to be used on the road again, so you should walk away unless you are specifically buying the vehicle for parts and are aware of the rules surrounding category B vehicles.

Category S or C

Category S or C write offs have usually suffered significant damage and would need to be repaired before being driven on the road again.

It’s possible that the cost of repairs could outweigh the value of the vehicle, so it’s important to do your research if you consider buying a category S or C vehicle.

Category N or D

Category N or D write offs indicate less serious damage. These categories include vehicles where it could be uneconomic for the insurance company to repair the vehicle.

It’s possible to repair these vehicles and return them to the road providing you are aware of the costs involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you buy a car that has been written off?

A written off vehicle could be unsafe and have damage which needs to be repaired before you can drive it on the road. You could also find problems when it comes to insurance, so it’s important to run a written off check before buying a used car.

Additionally, you could be overpaying if you unknowingly purchase a vehicle that’s been written off for full price.

Should I buy a written off vehicle?

In some cases, it could make sense to purchase a written off vehicle providing that you do your research first.

If you’re looking for a project car or aiming to buy at a discounted price, you may feel that it makes sense for you to purchase a written off vehicle.

Is there a charge to check if a car is a write off?

You will need to purchase a car history check to find out if a vehicle is written off. We provide a partial report which includes a written off check for £1.99.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive report, a full check is also available for £9.99 which includes an outstanding finance check and data guarantee.

What’s included in a written off check?

A write off check indicates if a vehicle is recorded in MIAFTR and includes other useful information such as the date of the write off and category.

Information about the cause of write off and which areas of the vehicle were damaged is also included where available.

What are the write off categories shown on the report?

The write off category indicates the extent of damage recorded by the insurer.

It’s especially important to look at which category of write off was recorded against the vehicle before considering purchasing it. Some categories indicate that the vehicle must not be used on the road and could only be used for parts or scrap.