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DVLA Check

Enter your vehicle registration to complete a DVLA check for a vehicle.

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Check the vehicle details held by the DVLA for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in a DVLA check?

You can use this service to check information held by the DVLA for any vehicle. This service includes information about the current tax and MOT status, along with details of the make, model, fuel, colour and other important information.

Can I check any vehicle?

Our DVLA check service allows you to check information for UK registered vehicles. Vehicles which have only just been registered or have recently had a plate change may not appear on this service. You can check imported vehicles once they have been registered with the DVLA.

How can I check who owns a vehicle?

In order to access information about the registered keeper of a vehicle, you would need to write to the DVLA directly. You can request information about the registered keeper of a vehicle, providing you have a valid reason. This could be used to trace the owner of a vehicle after an accident or issue a parking ticket providing you can show you have reasonable cause.

How do I check how many owners a vehicle has had?

Our free DVLA check service allows you to check when a new V5C registration document was last issued, however you will need to purchase a car history check to get more information about the ownership history of a vehicle. You can purchase a full check to find out the number of registered keepers and how long each keeper had the vehicle (where available).

How do I check my driving licence information online?

You can use the driving record service to view information about your driving licence. You can check what vehicles you can drive, check for any points on your licence or disqualifications, or share your driving record with someone else.

Checking Vehicle Data

You can use this service to access a range of information for any UK vehicle free of charge. This includes:

  • Make, Model, Fuel & Colour
  • Tax & MOT status
  • Performance, Specification & Running Costs

By purchasing a full car history check, you can also check additional information about the vehicle, for example, if it has outstanding finance or has been recorded as written off by an insurer.

DVLA Check

Other DVLA services

Checking if your vehicle can run E10 petrol

E10 petrol was introduced in September 2021 and replaced E5 as the main grade of fuel. E10 contains up to 10% ethanol compared with the 5% in E5 fuel.

You check use the E10 vehicle checking service to check if your vehicle can run on E10 petrol.

Checking your driving licence information

You can view your driving licence or request a check code to share your licence details with someone else online. This can be used if you need to share information about any points or disqualifications with a car hire company or employer.