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MOT Check

Enter the vehicle registration to check the current MOT status of your vehicle.

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Our MOT check service includes the current MOT expiry date, full list of advisories and any reason(s) for failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my MOT?

Simply enter your vehicle registration to check your MOT expiry date for free.

You can also view the full MOT & Mileage history your vehicle as part of the free car check.

Why is my MOT expiry date incorrect?

It can sometimes take up to 5 days for the MOT expiry date to be updated after you present your vehicle for testing.

Can I drive my vehicle if it fails an MOT?

You can drive your vehicle if your current MOT certificate is still valid, providing that no 'dangerous' defects were found during the test. More information is available from the GOV.UK Getting an MOT page.

How do I correct a mileage error on my MOT certificate?

If the MOT test was completed less than 28 days ago, ask the test centre to check the mileage. They will be able to correct any errors and issue a replacement certificate. If the test was more than 28 days ago, you'll need to report a mistake to the DVLA.

How do I report a vehicle with no MOT?

You should contact your local police to report a vehicle with no MOT. Only vehicles being used on the road should be reported. Abandoned vehicles should be reported to your local council instead.

Is my vehicle exempt from an MOT?

Most vehicles only require an MOT at 3 years old. Vehicles over 40 years old are also exempt. Other vehicles that don't require an MOT include, goods vehicles powered by electricity (if registered before 1 March 2015), tractors and some classic vehicles.

Check your MOT

Use this service to check the full MOT and mileage history for free before purchasing a used vehicle.

The report includes a full list of MOT tests for the vehicle including:

  • MOT certificate expiry date
  • Date of the MOT test
  • MOT test result
  • Mileage at time of testing
  • Advisory notices issued
  • Reasons for refusal
  • Other MOT GOV UK Data

Just enter the vehicle registration to check the MOT history of any UK vehicle.

MOT tests completed in England, Scotland & Wales are included*

New test results are available within 24 hours of completion.

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* MOT tests completed in Northern Ireland are not available using this service.

Booking Your MOT Test

Most vehicles require an MOT 3 years after the original registration date.

For vehicles over 3 years old, you are required to present your vehicle for testing every year. There are some exceptions to this and it's important to check the MOT GOV fees table if you're not sure.

The maximum fine for driving without a valid MOT is £1000.

If you're not sure when your current test certificate expires, use the MOT check service above to check the details held by the DVLA.

There are different requirements for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland. Visit the service for a full list of MOT requirements for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland.

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What's checked during the MOT test?

The MOT test changed in May 2018 to include stricter rules for diesel car emissions, new categories for defects and furthers checks on tyres, fluid leaks & daytime running lights.

Vehicles over 40 years old no longer require an MOT test providing they haven't been modified significantly.

For a full list of requirements for class 3, 4, 5 & 7 vehicles, check the DVLA MOT Inspection Manual.

More information on the recent MOT test changes is available from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA).

MOT Rule Changes 2018