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Free Stolen Check

Quickly check to see if a vehicle is recorded as stolen with our Free Stolen Check.


Our free stolen car check advises if your next used car is flagged on the Police National Computer database.

In 2019, car thefts reached a 9 year high in England and Wales.
There were over 114,000 vehicle thefts in England and Wales in 2019.
Following a ten year decline, car thefts have risen year on year since 2015.
Source: Data provided by Statista.

What’s Included?

Use our free stolen car check service to see if your prospective car is reported stolen.

The report includes key information for the vehicle including:

  • Flag for stolen warnings
  • Date of the stolen report
  • Police contact info for further information
  • Plus basic car check info like mileage & MOT

Just enter the vehicle registration to check the Police National Computer database for any UK car.

Reported stolen records for in England, Scotland & Wales are included*

You’ll get your free report instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why run a stolen car check?

You don’t want any unknowns when you’re purchasing a used car.

Running a free stolen check lets you see if and when the car you’ve been considering is marked as stolen. You can then get in touch with the police for full details.

What happens if you buy a stolen car?

You’ll need to turn it in to the police and then go through a painful and drawn-out process to claim your money back from the person who sold it to you. This can take a very long time and lots of legal paperwork to accomplish. However, you are entitled to a full refund.

Can’t you just give the car back to the seller?

Nope. That’s considered handling stolen goods and it could cause you a lot of legal grief. If you find out the used car you’ve bought is stolen, you must hand it in to the police and get a report number.

Is there a charge for this stolen car check?

Not at all. You simply enter the reg number, create a free account and you can access your report straightaway. If you want more info like personal finance data, you can upgrade to a full vehicle history report.

What’s included in the free stolen check report?

It includes records of stolen, mileage records, mot, export data & more. If you upgrade to our full report package, you’ll also get checked for hidden finance charges and gain coverage from our £30k data guarantee.