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Mileage Check

Enter the registration to check if a vehicle has mileage issues.


Use this service to find mileage discrepancies for vehicles registered in the UK over 3 years old.

How to check if a vehicle is clocked?

Check the mileage history of any UK vehicle and help to identify clocked vehicles.

Buying a vehicle that’s been clocked could mean you overpay and end up buying a vehicle for more than it’s worth.

You could also face problems when selling a vehicle if mileage discrepancies are identified in the future.

Identifying Mileage Anomalies

In some cases, mileage issues could be caused by a mistake when the mileage was recorded during an MOT test.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been clocked, it could cause you problems in the future if you need to convince a potential buyer that it was a genuine mistake.

Completing a free mileage check can help you to spot common errors, such as mileage incorrectly entered in KM or miles, along with mistypes that can make it appear that thousands of miles have been added to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to check a vehicle for mileage issues?

You can check any vehicle using just the registration, even if you don’t own it.

Vehicles tested in Northern Ireland aren’t included, so you can only use this service to check data for MOT tests completed in England, Scotland or Wales.

Where does the mileage check data come from?

The recorded mileage data comes from the DVSA and is recorded each time a vehicle is taken for an MOT test.

We scan the mileage recorded at each test and use this data to highlight any discrepancies such as mileage drops or odometer readings recorded in a mixture of miles and kilometres.

Why is no mileage data available for my vehicle?

There are a number of common reasons which mean we may not be able to provide a mileage check for a particular vehicle, these include:

  • The vehicle is under 3 years old
  • The vehicle has only been tested in Northern Ireland
  • The vehicle has recently had a plate change or is newly registered

What can I do if no mileage data is available for a vehicle?

If no mileage data is available for a vehicle, it may be worth speaking with the owner and requesting documentation to help verify the mileage.

This could include any invoices for maintenance and service work which will usually display the mileage at the time the work was completed.

How do I get a mistake corrected with the mileage data?

If you believe you’ve found a genuine mistake in the mileage data, the action you can take depends on how recently the MOT test was completed.

If the mistake was recorded less than 28 days ago, you can contact the test centre directly and request that this is corrected.

If the test was completed more than 28 days ago, you will need to contact the DVSA to get a correction issued.

You will need to provide some evidence of the correct mileage, such as an invoice for servicing or a vehicle job card from the test centre.