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Check MOT History

Enter a valid registration to check the MOT History of any UK Vehicle.

Full History Check

Check the MOT history of a vehicle to view all advisories, failures & mileage recorded by the DVSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my MOT due?

Enter your vehicle registration to check when your MOT is due. A free MOT check also includes other information such as make, model, colour & more.

What is a minor MOT fault?

Minor MOT faults highlight issues found during an MOT test which should be rectified as soon as possible, but do not cause an immediate safety concern. For example, a tyre that is worn and will require a replacement in the near future, but is still above the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

What is a major MOT fault?

Major MOT faults highlight serious issues with the vehicle which should be repaired immediately. One or more major faults will result in a refusal to issue an MOT certificate, for example, an insecure windscreen wiper blade would fall into this category.

What is a dangerous MOT fault?

Dangerous MOT faults identify issues which cause an immediate safety concern. A vehicle with one or more dangerous defects should not be driven until these are repaired. For example, a vehicle with brake pads worn below 1.5mm.

Book Your Next MOT

Enter your registration above to use the MOT history check service and check the details held by the DVSA.

You can also use our MOT booking service to find a local test centre for your next MOT.

If your vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland, there may be different requirements. Visit the service to view the requirements for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland.

The maximum fine for driving without a valid MOT is £1000.

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